About VEDA

Who Is VEDA?

VEDA Engineering Inc. is a revolutionary design and engineering firm, aimed at addressing all the issues faced by finding good quality design and engineering resources.

Our Approach

We come to the industry with a fresh outlook, and open mind to find easy to manage solutions for the fast evolving world of design.

Our Plan: A three step approach to achieving your goals and needs.

  1. Provide high quality support for your engineering and design needsĀ 
  2. Provide solutions for workflow shortfalls with optimized action plans and design processes
  3. Alleviate the strain of workload fluctuations

Our People

We are a small, but fast growing outfit. We strive to provide peer support to our other team members, to better our company as a whole. We hire employees, not contractors, and aim to retain our staff to help increase our knowledge base.

Our Goal

Becoming the best known source for engineering and design resources in the industry.